Rainbow Nails Art

Rainbow Nails

rainbow nails ideas

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Rainbow nails gives a funky fashionable appearance when applied properly. The rainbow design on the nails is becoming more and more popular amongst all ages and also shows that the person with this rainbow nail art is not shy to experiment. A Rainbow nails tutorial will help you be able to apply the many different colours in a professional way without the nail art looking poor.

Rainbow nails can be be in stripes, dots, shapes, longways, tips…the possibilities are endless. Aslong as they include many different colours they will be seen as as a rainbow nails design.

When it comes to applying the colours, do not rush. Its far better to take your time otherwise your rainbow nails will look cheap and nasty. If done correctly your nails will attract a lot of attention from others who have interest in nail art, nail designs and beauty in general. Before applying the nail polish to create the rainbow nails look, ensure that your nails are clean and smooth. There are many ways to take care of your nails, manicure, gel nails, fake nails, nail polish ect. Having healthy nails before applying the rainbow nail polish will ensure the rainbow nails look there best.

rainbow nails tutorial

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